Brice Hardelin was born in Germany to French parents with Spanish ancestry.
Since childhood, Brice had a keen interest in the arts and in images. Later, this led him to study textile design in Northern France. At the age of 21, he left for New York to launch his career as a furniture textile design assistant. He was back in Paris a year later to took on a position as a freelance art director for a variety of trend offices. After a decade of choosing other people’s photos, Brice decided to start a new chapter in his life. He stepped behind the lens himself and launched his photography career.

The early days had Brice Hardelin working in Montreal, Basel, and Lisbon before he decided to make his way back to Paris in 2008. Upon returning to France, he successfully landed photoshoots for such well-renowned modeling agencies as New Madison, Elite, Bananas, Success, Marilyn, and many others. Considered a specialist in the area of male model beauty portraits, Brice has developed a unique and specific style that is instantly recognizable – beautiful photos in black and white or desaturated colors which zoom in on the mesmerizing eyes of the subject in each photo.

Brice Hardelin regularly collaborates with a variety of high end labels and luxury brands, including but not limited to Guerlain, LVMH Group, Armani, Gucci, Chanel, Chopard, Dior, Cartier and lately Erik Halley and On Aura Tout Vu. While it is not unusual to see the models in Brice’s photo’s wearing beautiful items by these brands, the most important item in his photos is always the person he is photographing.

Since November 2013, Brice has had a successful exhibition of his work showing in Paris.

Entitled “Men”, the exhibition will begin touring throughout France and internationally in 2015.

Brice will also publish is first book next year.